Monday, September 24, 2007

Operation Righteous Response

In response to the article entitled "Propaganda, apathy and MTV," both Kevin and Briana (WORKING TOGETHER!???!?!?!) have collaberated (?!?!?!?!) to create the following "Letter to the Editor":

Dearest Newswire,

We are writing in response to Darren’s column in last week’s issue entitled, “Propaganda, apathy and MTV.” With such an intriguing name, both of us were immediately interested. Upon reading the article, this interest quickly turned to disappointment. Instead of an enticing opinion piece, it was an inaccurate and stereotypical accusation.

He writes that Philosophy, Politics and the Public students are “overzealously caring” and “forced to slave away” in local politics. After being personally involved in this program, the required hours of hands-on campaigning have provided us both with practical knowledge and enjoyable experiences that are unattainable through abstract classroom lectures.

He also writes that there was “no doubt” in his mind that a PPP student “vandal[ized]” his car by placing Charlie Winburn’s flyer on his windshield. The problem with this accusation is that no PPP student is currently involved in the Charlie Winburn campaign.

Additionally, the article infers that having an out-of-state license plate automatically excludes a student from voting locally. As Xavier students, we reside in Cincinnati and therefore have the option to vote in Ohio. Many out-of-state students have changed their registration to do just that.

While complaining that PPP students are too passionate about politics, the article simultaneously criticizes our generation for being too apathetic. This contradiction creates an unclear standard for how much we are allowed to care about the world in which we live.

We don’t deny that many people our age are not interested in politics. However, programs like PPP can inspire students to become proactive about community involvement. Through practical experiences, we learn the tools to create positive change.


Kevin Hoggatt and Briana Hansen, Class of ‘08

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