Friday, December 7, 2007

Moment to brag

Many of the students who attended the trip to Iowa this past weekend have been included in on websites (I believe there's some Obama stuff...when I find it I'll post it...) and been asked many questions about the trip for both the Newswire and the Xavier Muskie News among other channels.

Well, there was apparently a NY Times photographer at the Edwards events we attended in Iowa. So! Here's my moment to brag...I found myself (though it's not obvious to anyone but me, really) in two of the pictures on the NY Times online website under the Edwards Multimedia slideshow. The links to the pictures are here:

In this picture, I am in very middle in the far background. You can see my gray sweater and colorful scarf. I like the main woman's John Edwards Superman button.

In this one, I'm the shoulder he's about to put his hand on. You can tell by the scarf again! How exciting!

~Briana Hansen

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Anonymous said...


I just happened to find out about your trip to Iowa and I'm very happy that you and your friends were able to participate in this important event.

I'm sure that you will remember this trip for the rest of your lives just as I remembered my
trip to New Hampshire the weekend before the New Hampshire Primary in 1984 as I campaigned for Senator Gary Hart.

I hope that some of you in your class will have the opportunity to run as a delegate to one of the conventions as I successfully did in 1984.

I look fondly back on my four years at old Muskie Tech as I write to you now and look ahead to my upcoming campaign for State Representative in Pennsylvania.

My very best wishes to all of you and to Gene Beaupre.

May God bless you!


Patrick Edward Murray Class of 1980