Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Ohio Time, Baby

What better time to revitalize this blog than with the Ohio Primary coming up in a little under a Month...

March 4 will be a huge day for the Democratic campaign. Though it was recently (like earlier today) announced that Romney is suspending his campaign--and will likely drop out because of his shortcomings on SuperTuesday--the Democrat nomination is in a dead heat, and Ohio is the next fantastic for us.

Obama said this morning that he does not want to debate Hillary in Ohio and would prefer spending time talking to the voters. This is a very interesting tactic, especially coming on the heels of a very friendly debate in California. It seems his campaign seems to be struggling with how to stay positive while still distinguishing himself enough from Clinton to garner support. He is an incredibly charismatic candidate (I relish listening to his speeches. Honestly, I bark for quiet at those talking around me and get goosebumps every two minutes or so...I LOVE listening to that man talk!) Maybe he thinks that by using his charisma and his charm and his eloquence, he can still play the game on his terms and get more support rather than re-hasing a bunch of answers in a debate that people already know about the candidates. It's an interesting request...we'll see where it goes...

Around campus, it seems that most of the people I've talked to are at least knowledgeable about the candidates. It's sad to think that many people have not been paying even the slightest amount of attention to the race, especially on the (more exciting I would of course argue) Democratic side. The two candidates are both incredible's a matter of who can take over on the national scale. This could very well be a race that goes to the convention--but Ohio will play a major factor in deciding the candidates outcomes.

I recently registered to vote in Ohio. I guess I kept holding out hope that maybe I could get more Democrats elected in Indiana...but after losing our Democratic mayor I was so proud of, I decided I'll register in a state where my vote could actually make a difference.


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