Saturday, February 9, 2008

Division and Unity

Unity is a key issue on both sides of the aisle as the 2008 presidential election approaches. As Briana mentioned in her last article, some key Democrats are worried that the Obama-Clinton showdown may cause grudges and hurt feelings that will carry over into the general election. Republicans, however, face a similar dilemma.
Despite today's loss in the Kansas caucus, John McCain will likely seal the Republican nomination. While many of his stances appeal to moderates and conservative Democrats, they also have the possibility of creating some divisions in the Republican party. McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform and the proposed McCain-Kennedy immigration reform plan have turned off many conservative voters.
Over time, the conservative right will transition from feeling with their hearts to thinking with their minds. In a general election against either Senator Clinton or Barack Obama, the conservative right will choose McCain. While McCain may have a few dents in his conservative record, he is much more conservative than either of the democratic alternatives.
High democratic turnout might be the biggest problem for McCain. In recent primaries, Democrats are showing up to vote like never before. He needs to be able to ignite the conserative right - generating the grassroots volunteers, donors, and organization that helped push Bush over the top in 2000 and 2004.
This is especially crucial in swing states like Ohio and Florida. While the conservatives who show up on election day will likely vote for McCain, he may need an extra something (or someone) to motivate, inspire, and unite the Republican party.

- Kevin Hoggatt

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James Edward Johnson said...

Isn't it important to consider that GWB had the advantage of Evangelicial Christians as a concentrated and solidified base that were going to turn out and vote for him no matter what. Mr. McCain, unfortunately, is not prescient of any group that will turn out and vote for him like Evangelicals voted for GWB.