Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Whirlwind!

With the Ohio primaries less than a week away, the candidates have been swarming to Ohio. There was an incredible Obama rally (see the article in the Newswire comparing the two rallys). Because of a required meeting, I could not make the Obama rally, but 13,000 other people could. In fact, I learned from a 14-year-old at Walnut Hills, that many students at the school skipped to be at the rally...and subsequently got in trouble for it.

Because my schedule permitted, and I wanted to be the good little moderate I am (ha!...) I did attend the John McCain rally on Tuesday. I heard Bill Cunningham's remarks first-hand. The only reason I maintained a semblance of calmness was because I was up onstage and had promised to be on my best behavior. It was outlandish the way he slandered Barack Obama and all Democrats, mostly. Appalling.

I actually did not disagree with much of what McCain said, and it was an incredible experience to be so close to a Presidential candidate...even if we disagree on most aspects of political philosophy. He took responsibility for the atrocious remarks of Cunningham-which was very classy-and apologized for them.

Interestingly, I was put up on stage with a large group of college students because we were young-looking. The McCain campaign is trying to counteract the Obama youth movement. Funny thing is, many of the youth onstage at the rally were only interested in political rallys rather than supporters of McCain. Many, at least around me, were avid Obama fans.

The other interesting thing about the rally was the homemade signs that you see in the picture above. They handed us those signs to make it look like we had created them. They were so new that the paint was still drying when they handed them to us. I guess they wanted it to look like we treat the rally like a basketball game or something...and go all out.

I feel like I need to donate lots of money to the Obama campaign just to make my penance for spending the day with so many Republicans...

I did get to shake McCain's hand (a flimsy shake, if you're curious) and that shake was on CNN and Fox News--along with much of the coverage.

Today, however, I am overly excited about a conference call opportunity I have (with several others including two Newswire writers) to speak with...get this...three high ranking people from the Obama campaign!!! Be still my heart!!!

Of course I'll keep this blog updated on how that goes...I can hardly stand the excitement!

-Briana Hansen

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