Monday, February 11, 2008

Neck and Neck

The excitement of the Democratic primary race continued this weekend with Barack Obama continuing his momentum by winning all four of the state primaries (LA, NE, WA, ME). Though Clinton's strategy has been to go for big wins in the big would appear that she is no longer content nor comfortable with this strategy. Why do I say this? I think firing your campaign manager in the midst of a close battle is a telltale sign that all is not quiet on the Clinton front...

The next primaries that are coming up tomorrow (MD, DC, VA) are favoring Obama, too. It is difficult to say what Clinton's next move is. She does have an advantage when some of the heavy hitting states vote in March (some polls suggest blue-collar workers in Ohio and Pennsylvania are big Clinton supporters, along with the Latino population of Texas). March is really a "do or die" month for the New York senator. Even with an advantage numerically over Obama in both pledged delegates (barely) and superdelegates (again, not a huge lead)...she will have to start proving that she is really able to garner a great deal of support throughout the country and rally the excitement of those in the party like Obama.

On a more personal sidenote, I have to say that-though I am admittedly and Obama follower-I admire the heck out of Hillary Clinton and would support her whole-heartedly if she were to get the nomination. What makes that statement more than political is the fact that she is a woman and her campaign manager (both old and new) is a woman. It is incredible to think that in a system that has been and continues to be dominated by men, she has been able to come into such power and influence. No matter what the outcome of the election, she has really made a huge stride for the power of women within politics. She is constantly held to different standards that her collegues (her dress, her tone, her appearance...what is it to be a strong female, etc). Though I disagree with many of her campaign smarmy-ness (like putting her name on the ballot in FL and Michigan, knowing full well that those delegates would not be counted, but likely pulling strings to make them count so she can get an advantage at the convention), I think she holds her own in a male-dominated world and I admire her immensely for that.

Briana Hansen

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