Friday, February 8, 2008

Splitting hairs

This Democratic race really could turn out to be groundbreaking...but I had never thought that having a divided party in the primaries could actually hurt the Democrats during the general election...though it really makes sense.

Howard Dean and other Dem leaders, in thinking about the upcoming convention, do not want the nominee to be decided at the convention based on a few superdelegate votes. Part of the argument is that the party that is more divided about their candidate tends not to do as well in the general election. This could be disasterous for the Dems, especially with the "moderate" John McCain as the Republican nominee.

After really becoming attached to this race, and (I'll admit it) aligning myself with Sen. Obama, I can see the dilemma among the party. The supporters on each side become so visceral about their candidate, they cannot imagine voting for anyone else...even if they are a Democrat. Though most staunch Democrats will vote for the party's nominee no matter what, there is still a great deal of worry about whether or not others, who's candidate is not chosen, will even get out and vote on election day. Or, especially in Obama's case, if his more moderate and independent supporters will swing to the Republican nominee. It's an interesting question to ponder...


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